What is Graphic Design

Graphic design is an interest I have had for a very long time. I have always wondered how signs, and billboards, advertisements, and other things like those were created and how they were made. After doing the reading, I found environmental design and motion design to be the most interesting. I enjoy how environmental design is very similar to the work done by architectures and the two go hand and hand. I also chose motion design because I enjoy the work on computers and photo editing and online advertisements.

Environmental Design

Environmental design is an interesting type of graphic design for many reasons. This design is very similar to the works done by architects. It is usually 3D shapes or structures. It is the statues you see randomly on the streets or the big structures in museums. Architectures and environmental designers need to use a lot of physics in their structures and designs, especially if they are larger ones. Just as architectures need to use physics in designing even the simplest of buildings and they need to consider everything so the building would never fall. The are many famous environmental and architectural designers that have created amazing pieces in the past. I find so much interest in environmental designers because I appreciate the amount of work that is but into the art that normal people passing by would never consider.

Motion Design

Motion design interests me for many reasons. As a film major, I am interested in going into the world of film editing and I feel as I would use motion design quite a bit. Motion design is used more for advertising, animation, graphics in TV shows, and other things such as those. I have never tried it, but I understand how difficult it is to make a movie animation, so I definitely have an appreciation for people who use motion design in their work. These are a few motion design graphics that I find interesting.




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